What is OpenStreetMap?

The externer LinkOpenStreetMap-Project (OSM) is more or less a wiki for maps!

It is a free and opensource software project with the aim of getting worldwide map data. The Project deals with a geospatial database and you are free to use the data under the Open Database Licence (ODbL) 1.0.

Map data is collected by volunteers using e. g. GPS devices. Then the data will be added into the OpenStreetMap database by using desktop editing applications like JOSM or the web based editor called iD. Since the availability of aerial photography from commercial sources the map data is rising up. Feel free to collect data, like streets, hospitals, gas stations, parking area, pubs, etc for OpenStreetMap. If you want to know how you add data OpenStreetMap, just go to the externer LinkBeginners' Guide.

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Some more examples:
Mont Saint-Michel, Iceland (Landmannalaugar), Barcelona, Cape Town, Oslo, London, Paris, Melbourne, Torshavn (Färöer)

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